The Diamond Playground


The specially made Infinite Diamond

One that fits all does not fit any. Infinite Diamond is beyond a simple diamond, it is a diamond of your origin and design. The possibilities are endless.

The forefathers of growing

Every single Infinite Diamond is created at EcoDiamond™, one of the world’s most innovative laboratories. Pioneering diamond research from 1981 to this day.

The Óde playground

Óde Artist Collections are made through collaboration with handpicked artisans by giving them the possibilities of Infinite Diamond. Unbound experimentation with design under the roof of an exquisite theme.

Produced with Infinite Diamond

As the shine of a simple diamond slowly and inevitably fades, Infinite Diamond is what sets all of them apart. Created by the originators of the diamond growing technology back in the 90's, EcoDiamond™ laboratories produce the single most unique and ethical diamond - one that can be fully personalised to your desire.

The combination of one’s heartfelt memories fused with the capabilities of the EcoDiamond™ laboratory growing technology, EcoDiamond™ laboratories are able to create a product that is fundamentally made of what you hold dear the most.


The creation of an Infinite Diamond

We take the material of your choice and extract carbon from it

The extract consisting of graphite is grown in to your diamond

The special Infinite Diamond is created for your memories to last

Desire a piece of your own?

Speak with our team to learn about the product availability and custom-creation possibilities.


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